Ta Keo temple at Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap Cambodia

Ta Keo temple at Angkor Archaeological Park

Scott and Trevor share their tips for first time visitors to the Angkor Archaeological Park near Siem Reap, Cambodia.  As author of the first edition National Geographic guidebook to Cambodia, Trevor has explored the temples of Angkor dozens of times.  As founding partner of luxury travel company Smiling Albino, Scott has hosted guests at and visited Angkor for his own personal enjoyment numerous times too. He also has authored two editions of Groovy Map’s Cambodia guide map.

Gate of Angkor Thom: Angkor Temples in CambodiaWhat is Angkor?  The show begins with the history of Angkor and an overview of what exactly we’re talking about when we say “Angkor.” Is it a single temple, the name of the city, or both?!  Scott and Trevor quickly discuss 600 years of history, including how the Cambodian city of temples known as Angkor evolved.

Answering the “What is Angkor?” question, Scott and Trevor differentiate between the most famous Angkor temple, Angkor Wat, and its neighboring temple complex, Angkor Thom.  Both reside within a 1,000 square km park that features hundreds of other temples, active Buddhist monasteries, local villages, and massive artificial reservoirs.

How to visit:  Scott and Trevor discuss what they believe are the ‘must see’ sights at Angkor, the different ways to get into and around the park, and how much time you might need to get a good first taste of this sprawling archaeological complex.  After covering the major attractions at Angkor, Scott and Trevor offer a few insider tips for getting away from the many tourists within the park, including hidden gems, unique aspects of top temples, and best times to go. Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia features some hidden temples in addition to Angkor Wat

Expert tips:  Expanding on How to Visit Angkor, Scott and Trevor focus on different approaches to exploring the Angkor temples, including cool bike rides, historical itineraries, and favorite picnic spots.  Temple geek Trevor recommends reading up on the Angkor temples before you go, while practical but adventurous Scott agrees the rainy monsoon season is a great time to visit the Angkor Temples.

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