Trevor Ranges and Scott Coates are two intrepid characters with a love of Asia and travel. They’ve lived and worked throughout the region since the late 1990s, dabbling in everything from teaching to writing guidebooks to voicing radio ads to working at and running travel companies. This podcast is a pet project to share their favorite bits of travel insight and to showcase the passion of their many regional contacts. Travel enthusiasts who are always planning their next big trip, Trevor and Scott hope you enjoy this podcast as much as they relish putting it together. If you’d like us to explore a specific topic, send Scott and Trevor an email and they’ll do what they can to make it happen.
Happy Trails!

Trevor traveling local-style in Cambodia

Trevor traveling local-style in Cambodia

Trevor Ranges
There are few people better known and liked in as many Asian countries as Trevor. He moved to Thailand in 2001 to work with the Princeton Review, preparing students for entrance to US universities. A longtime writer out of personal passion, Trevor began a decade-long career as a travel writer, authoring the beaches and islands’ chapters of Fodor’s Thailand guidebook and then updating Fodor’s Laos coverage. He later contributed to several editions of National Geographic Traveler: Thailand before authoring the first edition of Nat Geo’s Cambodia travel book. Trevor has worked on promotional campaigns for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, written various travel articles for a variety of media, and taught writing at several Thai universities. He is currently based in Cambodia where he just completed a two year stint as Product Manager for EXO Travel. Currently he’s working on a variety of passion projects, including a novel, an Angkor temple-themed card game, City of Glory, and a craft beer and spirits bar (Embargo Siem Reap).

Scott Coates

Curious, connected, and now feeling part Asian, Scott has made traveling the region his life. He moved to Thailand in 1999 to start a specialized travel company, Smiling Albino, which he sold his shares in, in 2013. Over the years he’s written for guidebooks and publications around the world, designed/led life-changing adventures, consulted as a team building facilitator, developed community outreach programs, and worked as Director of People Development for EXO Travel, one of Asia’s leading DMCs. Scott lives in Bangkok, Thailand, with his wife, where he can usually be found cycling, jogging, and plotting the next big thing.

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