Episode 3: Travel Technology with special guest Greg Jorgensen. 

Talk Travel Asia: Talking Travel Technology with Greg Jorgensen

Talk Travel Asia guest Greg Jorgensen

Travel technology has had a massive impact on how we research, plan, book, experience, and share our travel adventures. Armed with only a smart phone, you can buy a plane ticket or get a hot hotel deal in real time.  There’s 3G and wifi hot-spots along the Mekong River in Laos and Cambodia; there are dozens of travel apps to help you along the way; and you can share your photos with friends and family back home with the press of a button. This week, Scott and Trevor discuss Travel Technology with longtime friend Greg Jorgensen, the founder and former co-host of Bangkok Podcast, a Thailand Twitter celebrity, and an all around nice guy.

Ways Technology is Shaping Travel:  Scott introduces Twitter as a game-changing technology, recalling a party where a guest was simply there because she was visiting Bangkok and learned about the party on Greg’s Twitter feed.

Trevor discusses Couch Surfing and how the internet has not only made finding a place to crash easier than ever but also created a whole new community of friends out there waiting for you in every destination you visit.  The guys later discuss some hotel booking apps and websites, including behemoth Agoda, which was founded in Thailand.

Greg then tells us about smart-phone tour-guide apps, including a tour of Bangkok that he personally designed and recorded audio commentary for.  This segues into a discussion about Google Maps and other smart phone apps that help us find what we’re looking for on the fly.

Finally, Scott puts Trevor on the spot, inquiring about travel dating apps and how travelers can find traveling companions, local friends in a destination they are visiting, or simply get their freak on while away from home.

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