Living and working in Asia isn’t quite the same as traveling in Asia. The differences between living somewhere, working there part time, or having a holiday include the good and the bad, and we thought they would make an interesting topic. Over the years, Scott and Trevor have drawn comparisons between living in Southeast Asia and what it must be like living in Europe. Both are made of a number of relatively geographically smaller countries that share some similarities but are otherwise very different in terms of language, food, and cultural customs, to name a few. While they often make this comparison in regards to travel, as it’s very easy, especially from Bangkok, which is geographically central to Southeast Asia, to travel to one of a half dozen different countries on a flight of no more than one hour, they have never discussed the differences between living in some of these countries. On this episode they’ll do just that: talk about expat life and how the experience differs between some of the countries they’ve personally lived.  

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