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Episode 26: Responsible Travel with Bodhi Garrett

Many travelers want to have an outreach capacity to their trip to Asia, but doing so in a constructive, non-disruptive way can be quite difficult. The terms ‘ecotourism’, ‘green travel’, sustainable travel’, and ‘responsible tourism’, among others, have been thrown around over the years, and often abused. On this episode we chat with Bodhi Garrett of Andaman Discoveries, who says, “Responsible travel is about minimizing the negative impact of your travel and directly giving back to the communities you visit. It’s about understanding the story behind the price you are paying, and knowing the local people who are working hard to make your holiday an enjoyable one.” Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Patan's Durbar Square

Patan’s Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal

Special Episode: Traveling Nepal Post-Earthquake with Mads Mathiasen

In the aftermath of the earthquakes that struck Nepal in early 2015, millions donated to relief efforts. Yet the devastation people have witnessed on TV and social media only tells part of the tale so this week’s special episode features longtime Nepal resident and travel expert Mads Mathiasen to wanted to  talk about the areas of Nepal that were unaffected by the earthquakes, which tourism attractions and activities are still open for business, and why you should travel to Nepal in 2015. Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Episode 25: Tantalizing Travel Tales, Part II

Scott and Trevor had so much fun sharing their travel tales in Episode 13: Tantalizing Travel Tales (also one of listeners favorite episodes) that they decided to give it another go. Have a listen as Scott and Trevor tell true-life travel stories from their many years living and working on the road! Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Tasty tofu dish, courtesy www.smilingalbino.com

Tasty tofu dish in vegetarian-friendly Asia

Episode 24: Traveling Vegetarian in Asia with Adam Platt-Hepworth

It seems that vegetarianism is getting more popular by the year and some vegetarians wonder if they’ll be able to stick to their non-meat diets while traveling in Asia. The good news is that it’s very easy to enjoy incredible food throughout much of the region as a vegetarian. You’ll want to learn a few key local words to ensure cooks understand you are a vegetarian, but once you get those down you’re set. On this episode of Talk Travel Asia, Scott and Trevor talk with Adam Platt-Hepworth about living and traveling in Asia as a vegetarian. Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Railay Bay, Thailand

Railay Bay, Thailand – A top honeymoon destination.

Episode 23: Planning an Asian Honeymoon

Talk Travel Asia listener Amy Hauke asked us to do an episode on honeymoons. Here it is! On Episode 23: ‘Planning and Asian Honeymoon’ Scott and Trevor offer tips on how to plan one of the most important trips of your life, and our favorite spots to do so. Planning a honeymoon isn’t easy. Everything has to be perfect! On this episode we share our tips on how to plan a honeymoon and share our favorite spots in Asia to go for that once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully!) special getaway holiday! Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Riding local-style

Riding local-style

Episode 22: The Planet D with Deb and Dave

Most people save up for a long time to travel. Dave & Deb, founders of The Planet D made travel their life and full-time job. We chat with them about how they made the leap and built a successful job around traveling, documenting their never ending journey to exotic places around the world. Read the full show notes for this episode.

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Bangkok's skyline from Rama IV Road, with Lumphini Park in the foreground

Bangkok’s skyline with Lumpini Park in the foreground

Episode 21: Three Nights in Bangkok

Scott kicks off this episode explaining that he and Trevor are often asked by friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of friends of some guy they met one time at a bar, “What should we do while in Bangkok?” He explains that Bangkok is a city of 10 million people and it’s arguably one of the most dynamic, exotic, and action-packed cities on the planet. How you should spend a few days there is a hugely subjective question, one with a myriad of answers, but that they have a few suggestions to make the most of your time in the City of Angels. Today they’re going to share with you some of their favorite things to do, places to visit, how to get to them, best spots for a drink and tasty food, and ensure that you don’t waste your time in Bangkok. Read full show notes for this episode.

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Ian paddling and being a bit camera shy

Ian paddling and being a bit camera shy

Episode 20: Paddling Thailand’s SW Coast with Ian Taylor

Scott first met Ian Taylor a couple of years ago in Bangkok, where Ian lives a good portion of the year. They share a common professor, along with Trevor, and that was a reason for them to meet up. Ian is best known as a professional photographer but he’s also an accomplished paddler. He’s kayaked Thailand’s southwest coast from Myanmar to Malaysia and he is going to share that journey with us today! Read full show notes for this episode.

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Tasty Chinese-Thai curries

Episode 19: Favorite Foods of Asia

This week’s episode explores one of the greatest aspects of diversity in Asia: the food available both across the region and within each individual country. Every foodie and every local seems to have a favorite dish and knows the best place to get it: Scott and Trevor are no exception, and in Episode 19 of Talk Travel Asia they talk about some of their Favorite Foods of Asia and fill you in on the restaurants that they think serve the best! Read full show notes for this episode.

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Sacred: Taking a break during the work on Sacred Skin (www,sacredskinthailand.com). Photo by Aroon Thaewchatturat

Guest Tom Vater taking a break during work on Sacred Skin. Photo by Aroon Thaewchatturat

Episode 18: Travel Writing with Tom Vater

Tom Vater is a writer and publisher working predominantly in Asia. Trevor met Tom while the two were both in Cambodia writing travel guidebooks for National Geographic and Moon, respectively. Tom is also the co-author of several documentary screenplays, most notably The Most Secret Place on Earth on the CIA’s covert war in Laos, and has published several non-fiction books, including the highly acclaimed Sacred Skin.  In this week’s episode, Tom shares his travel writing experiences with Scott & Trevor, a subject that each speaker has more than a few things to say about!  Read full show notes for this episode.

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Delphi Rocks bar in Baii: Favorite Watering Holes in Asia on Talk Travel Asia

Delphi Rocks bar and restaurant, Uluwatu, Bali

Episode 17: Favorite Watering Holes

Scott and Trevor get together to record Episode 17 at the FCC Bar and Restaurant in Phnom Penh, one of their favorite watering holes in the Cambodian capital. Trevor and Scott go on to discuss some of their favorite, long-standing places to grab a drink in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Bali, and Nepal.  Looking for a new place to wet your whistle?  Have a listen and learn what our hosts, no strangers to the nightlife scene, suggest for drinking venues across the region.  Read full show notes for episode 17.

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Talk Travel Asia episode on Digital Nomads with Gary Arndt and Niall Doherty

Episode 16: Digital Nomads with Gary Arndt and Niall Doherty

‘Digital Nomads’ are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner.  Episode 16 features two guests, Gary Arndt and Niall Doherty, two very different “location independent individuals” who talk about how they’ve embraced technology to make a working/traveling lifestyle possible.  Read full show notes of Episode 16.

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Talk Travel Asia Dream Travel Destinations

Google Map of Scott & Trevor’s Dream Travel Destinations

Episode 15: Dream Travel Destinations

Ever wonder where travel professionals think about going when they’re planning their own vacations? Listen to Episode 15 of Talk Travel Asia: Dream Travel Destinations and find why Scott’s & Trevor’s bucket list includes: Si Phan Don (4000 islands) and Wat Phu, Laos; Virachey National Park, Cambodia; Preah Khan Kompong Svay, Cambodia; Siargao and Palawan, Philippines; Lombok, Indonesia; Putao, Myanmar, and more!  Read full show notes of Episode 15.

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Vietnamese woman

Vietnamese woman

Episode 14: Travel Photography Tricks with Dave Lemke

Taking good photographs while traveling is challenging. While digital cameras and other technology have made capturing quality images easier and more affordable than ever, having an eye for great shots is something one must learn. Trevor and Scott discuss some of their own experiences taking photos while on the road, then ask their guest Dave Lemke for tips on how to get the most out of shooting photos while traveling. Dave shares some valuable tips and gives insight on how to emotionally get more out of the experience. Read full show notes of Episode 14.

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Scott heads out on another adventure for Talk Travel Asia

Episode 13: Tantalizing Travel Tales

From their more immature amateur travel days to their careers as professional explorers, Scott and Trevor have likely to have been on more interesting adventures than the average traveler. On Episode 13 of Talk Travel Asia, you can hear six of their tantalizing travel tales from the mountains of Nepal, the bus stations of Cambodia, the outback of Australia, the late night streets of Vietnam, and the animal-infested regions of Thailand!   Read full show notes of Episode 13.

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Students/Performers at Phare, The Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap on TalkTravelAsia

Students/Performers at Phare, The Cambodian Circus

Episode 12: Phare, The Cambodian Circus with Craig Dodge 

Phare, the Cambodian Circus has its roots in the refugee camps along the Thai border during the Khmer Rouge era and today is not only empowering youth and creating jobs but also restoring Khmer art and culture.  Scott and Trevor talk with Craig Dodge, director of Sales and Marketing, who explains not only the wonderful experience that awaits visitors to Cambodia’s Siem Reap, but also the three complementary social missions of Phare Performing Social Enterprise: Providing gainful employment to Cambodian youth from difficult social and economic backgrounds, financially sustaining its parent organization Phare Ponleu Selpak NGO school in Batdambang, and supporting the rebirth of Cambodian modern art.  Read full show notes of Episode 12.

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Episode 11: Asia’s Somewhat Secret Beaches

In episode 11 Scott and Trevor talk about some up-and-coming beaches and islands they’ve discovered over the years that aren’t as-of-yet overrun with tourists but are places you’ll likely be hearing about soon. Read full show notes of Episode 11.

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Some microbrews in Asia

Some microbrews in Asia

Episode 10: Drinking Beer in Southeast Asia with Aaron Greiser and Brian Bartusch of Bangkok-Based Beervana

Scott and Trevor discuss how the beer scene in Southeast Asia is different from North America or Europe as well as how it differs between countries across the region.  This episode’s guests, Aaron Greiser and Brian Bartusch, have such a love for fine beer and an affinity for Southeast Asia that they made it their profession as founders of Craft Beer importer/distributor Beervana. Read full show notes of Episode 10.

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What to do in Kuala Lumpur with Talk Travel Asia hosts Trevor and Scott

Scott & Trevor enjoying a drink and the view in Kuala Lumpur

 Episode 9: Impressions of Kuala Lumpur

Trevor is visiting Scott in Kuala Lumpur (KL), where he just celebrated his one year anniversary living in the Malaysian capital city. Trevor suggested that chatting about the city, what it’s like, and what it has to offer would be a good episode, as many foreigners aren’t generally familiar with what to do or see in Kuala Lumpur, including neighborhoods, nightlife, cuisine, outdoor activities, and a general overview of the city vibe.  Read full show notes of episode 9.

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Adam and his wife Marie riding in Cambodia; courtesy Grasshopper Adventures

Riding Cambodia’s rural roads; courtesy Grasshopper Adventures

Episode 8: Cycling Southeast Asia with Adam Platt-Hepworth

Trevor is in Kuala Lumpur visiting Scott for the recording of this episode, during which time they plan to do some cycling in Scott’s Bukit Kiara neighborhood. The two discuss their different experiences biking in SE Asia as well as the great aspects of exploring the region by bicycle. Trevor enjoys how travel by bike allows you to mingle closely with local communities, while Scott talks about how it’s great to see the local sights. They bring in a cycling expert to share his expertise on what riders can expect from cycling in various countries across the greater region. From where the best areas are for climbing, road-riding trips, off-road adventures, and everything in between, we get to the bottom of what SE Asia has to offer riders. Read Full Show Notes for Episode 8

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Episode 7:  Impressions of Southeast Asia

Bagan at sunrise

Bagan at sunrise

Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions on the planet. Fly one hour in almost any direction – from Bangkok for example, and you’re in a totally different world: a different language, culture, cuisine, arts, customs, and so on. Southeast Asia is a tapestry of sorts and the preceding factors are certainly some of the reasons that travelers are drawn back to the region time and time again.

While there are lots of diverse neighboring countries to explore, after more than a decade in the region Trevor and Scott feel like they’ve really only scratched the surface. On this episode of Talk Travel Asia we discuss some of our initial impressions traveling to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos as well as some of our most memorable experiences in these vibrant and diverse Southeast Asian nations. Read Full Show Notes For Episode 7 

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Talk Travel Asia: Travel Planning with Chris Rowthorn

Chris Rowthorn, author of Lonely Planet Kyoto, and family

Episode 6: How to Plan a High Value Vacation with Lonely Planet Kyoto guidebook author Chris Rowthorn.

Scott and Trevor are no amateurs when it comes to planning adventures.  After discussing some of their personal approaches to organizing trips around the region they introduce Chris Rowthorn, a pro in the planning department.  Scott, Trevor, and Chris have a really great chat about how to best approach trip planning. Have a listen and please share with others! Read Full Show Notes for Episode 6

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Talk Travel Asia episode 5: Bangkok scams, hustles, and cons

Episode 5: Bangkok Scams, Hustles & Tourist Traps

Bangkok is legendary as one of the world’s most exotic and exciting cities. It’s also one full of scams, hustles, and tourist traps, luckily most of them relatively innocent and non-violent.  Scott and Trevor cover a few of the most common, elaborate, and colorful Bangkok scams so that you can have a lot of fun in Bangkok and not get ripped off!  Read full show notes for Episode 5

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Talk Travel Asia: Plight of Asian Elephants with John Roberts

Episode 4: The Plight of Asia’s Elephants with John Roberts

Both Trevor and Scott have had the pleasure of experiencing the mahout (elephant) program at the Anantara Golden Triangle in the far northern regions of Thailand along the Mekong River and welcome John Roberts to talk about an issue that is at the heart of many tourist experiences in Asia: elephants.

Luckily we’ve both had a good deal of experience with elephants in SE Asia but call upon the regional expert on the topic to chat about the plight of Asia’s elephants. While elephants are certainly a top tourist attraction in Thailand, Nepal, and to a lesser degree in Cambodia and Laos, few tourists are aware of the threat to elephant populations in the region caused by human development and deforestation of elephant’s natural habitat.  On this episode, John enlightens us on the subject. Read Full Show Notes for Episode 4

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Talk Travel Asia: Talking Travel Technology with Greg Jorgensen

Talk Travel Asia guest Greg Jorgensen

Episode 3: Talk Travel Technology with Greg Jorgensen

Travel technology has had a massive impact on how we research, plan, book, experience, and share our travel adventures. Armed with only a smart phone, you can buy a plane ticket or get a hot hotel deal in real time.  There’s 3G and wifi hot-spots along the Mekong River in Laos and Cambodia; there are dozens of travel apps to help you along the way; and you can share your photos with friends and family back home with the press of a button. This week, Scott and Trevor discuss Travel Technology with longtime friend Greg Jorgensen, the founder and former co-host of Bangkok Podcast, a Thailand Twitter celebrity, and an all around nice guy. Read Full Show Notes for Episode 3   

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Gate of Angkor Thom: Angkor Temples in Cambodia

Episode 2: Angkor 101 – How to visit Angkor for First Time Visitors

Scott and Trevor share their tips for first time visitors to the Angkor Archaeological Park near Siem Reap, Cambodia.  As author of the first edition National Geographic guidebook to Cambodia, Trevor has explored the temples of Angkor dozens of times.  As founding partner of luxury travel company Smiling Albino, Scott has hosted guests at and visited Angkor for his own personal enjoyment numerous times too. He also has authored two editions of Groovy Map’s Cambodia guide map. Read Full Show Notes for Episode 2 

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Scott Coates and Trevor Ranges: Co-hosts of Talk Travel Asia

Episode 1: Meet the Hosts of Talk Travel Asia!

Talk Travel Asia co-hosts Scott Coates and Trevor Ranges share their backgrounds, including when and why they moved to Asia, how they got to know each other, and what they’ve been up to in the travel industry over the past decade.  Read Full Show Notes for Episode 1 

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