From time to time, Scott and I receive messages from Talk Travel Asia listeners about their travels in Asia and we’re glad to have inspired or assisted them with their experiences. After some recent back and forths with several patrons about their Asian adventures, we decided to ask a few of them to come on the show and share their stories so we, and you, can learn about their trips and perhaps find some inspiration for your next journey to the region.

Donna Kitchen and her husband recently returned from a 3 month trip through Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Koh Lanta, Thailand. It was their first trip to all but Thailand, where they traveled previously in 1994. As a couple in their 50s who use the IG handle (,  Donna and her companion traveled as glampackers, using local transport as much as possible. Donna started a blog about her travels, but never finished it, so she’s hoping we can help document her adventures on our podcast. Donna joins us from her home in Perth, Western Australia.

Listen to Episode 188: TTA Patron Donna Kitchen’s Asian Adventure to hear Donna answer the following:

  • Introduction – Tell us about yourself:
  • What inspired this trip and what was your planning process?
  • Define ‘glampacking”
  • What were the ‘anchor’ locations or events you wanted to experience on your trip?
  • Where did you stay along the way and how were your accommodations?
  • A couple of stories that showcase your travel philosophy:
    • Rocket Festival in Vang Vieng & Pakse Loop
    • Ha Hiang Loop
    • 4,000 Islands (Abandoned on the Mekong) 
  • Plans for future travels?
Donna at Angkor, Cambodia


About the hosts and the show:

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