In 2020, longtime listener Kristina Tague packed up and set off for Asia with the intention to live in the region. In January 2023, she came on Ep. 163 to talk about how that decision was made, where she journeyed to, and why she settled in the city she did: Bangkok. Since being on the show, she’s traveled across Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, exploring largely by motorcycle, which she purchased in Laos. Today, Kristina returns to the show to share her adventures. 

Scott and Trevor recap Episode 163, including first meeting Kristina and Kristina coming to Cambodia, helping with the beerfest and then shooting off to whatever crazy places Trevor sent her: over the Cardamom mountains, for one. 

Kristina on top of the world, in Laos


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Today’s guest: Kristina Tague: According to her LinkedIn profile, Kristina Tague is a highly motivated, energetic, and compassionate individual with an educational and research background in Psychology. Her education, research, and counseling experiences have coalesced with her time spent in Asia during the pandemic and culminating in a perfect living and working fit. She joins us today with Scott in Bangkok. 

Miraculously, Kristina managed to motorbike all the way to Cambodia with this broken nail

Listen to Episode 167 to hear Kristina’s answers to the following questions: 

  • You were about to move back to the US at the end of 2022 and instead decided to set off for Laos to learn how to ride a motorbike and then explore with it. How was that decision made?
  • How much time did you plan to travel for and how did you decide how/where you wanted to go?
  • Were you nervous about traveling alone or did your earlier experiences give you more confidence?
  • Where did you go first (northern Thailand) and how was that experience?
  • Where did you go next? (Laos, I presume)
  • Any surprises from these stops?
  • Where did you buy your motorbike and how was that experience?
    • Any tips to recommend someone else doing this?
  • Where did you ride in Laos?
  • How was it exploring by bike alone?
  • Tell us about crossing into Cambodia.
  • Where did you go in Cambodia?
  • How was that experience different from Laos and Thailand?
  • Where did you go next? Vietnam? How was that crossing?
  • Where did you go in Vietnam?
  • What happened to the bike?
  • What brought you back to Bangkok? R&R
  • Are you going back on the road? Where next?
  • How can people follow your travels?
Kind Vietnamese folks who helped Kristina tape the light to her bike when the battery died at night – first day in Vietnam.


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Kristina finally made it to beautiful Koh Ta Kiev after a couple rough days of riding
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