In the introduction, Trevor talks about how the idea for the show came about: We’ve done tons about Thailand but when we started thinking more deeply about our trips in the region, realized we’ve been lucky enough to go to a lot of places that tourists and travelers don’t know. So we decided there was a whole new level to what we’re doing and sharing and are now embarking on this Lesser-Known series, which started recently with Ep. 144: Lesser-known Japan with Mark Holguin. So, we’re going deep, contacting truly long-time residents, travelers, and experts to dive deeper into countries some of us already know well to find more spots to travel.

Scott then talks about how they both know Dan, gives some quick impressions on lesser-known Thai destinations, and sets the stage for the interview: I love the fact that after two decades of living and working here, evening running a specialized travel company, there are still many spots I have not been and want to go. Thailand legitimately has a lot of neat spots to visit, from plains to mountains to the Mekong River to islands and beaches.

Na Ku Ha, Phrae, Thailand (all photos courtesy of Daniel Fraser)

Guest Intro: Our guest, Daniel Fraser is a very well-known foreigner in Thailand. Not only does he run one of the region’s most respected luxury travel companies, but he also hosts a TV program, speaking in Thai no less, and is regularly called upon by organizations across the country to host events, and consult on tourism projects. You could say he’s one of the go-to people when those wanting to truly experience the kingdom are planning a visit. He joins us online from his home in Bangkok.

Daniel Fraser, befriending locals in Songkhla, Thailand

Listen to Episode #148, Lesser-known Thailand to hear Dan’s advice for traveling to the following Thai destinations:


  • Caves, mountains, river adventure; great for biking.
  • Ethnic communities, Tai Dam, etc.
  • Chiang Khan of course, but also Pak Chom, Na Haew, Dan Sai.
  • Cold and hot, stunning nature, between two worlds of North Thailand and Isaan.
  • Best Mekong vibes.
Indigo-dyed clothing in Na Ku Ha, Phrae.

Khong Jiam

  • Two color river.
  • Pa taem national park and 3000 bok.
  • Incredible road and history: not far from Khmer ruins and not far from Ubon city.
  • Charming old town, wooden guesthouses along the river, like mini Chiang Khan with no peopleClose to Khemarat Heritage community and amazing rock islands on the Mekong.
  • Gateway to cross to Laos/Pakse down at Chong Mek.
Authentic Thai cuisine (photo courtesy of Daniel Fraser)

Mae Sarieng

  • I chose Sarieng-Khun Yuam because had two Isaans on the Mekong already, but it’s among the most charming towns in Thailand.
  • Mae Sarieng ethnic groups and cultures: Chinese, Shan, Karen.
  • From July-Jan is the best weather.
  • Old buildings, Salween river experiences
  • Along an epic road: this is Thailand’s wild western frontier.
Beautiful Songkhla architecture.


  • The most charming old town in Thailand.
  • Art scene, food scene, crafts.
  • Lake culture, freshwater lake here and nearby Phattalung, mangroves, kayaking, sustainable fishing culture.
  • A great mix of Muslim, Chinese, Thai all in one…. like a mini Phuket and super charming.
Dan near a Buddha image amidst a Phrae rice field.

Phrae / Na Ku Ha

  • Highland culture, great crafts, local coffee, and the best indigo experiences in Thailand.
  • Incredible weather and charming locations.
  • Boutique hotels and lovely old heritage buildings in the old town. The Art scene, food, Phrae Craft, etc. 
  • Phrae history is unique, old railway stations, and grand teak mansions; it was once a teak baron’s empire in the 18th-mid 20th Century.
  • Crafts are what I think of, but Na Ku Ha and other towns make it great for adventure as well.
  • Lovely Thai Lue temples.
Old heritage home-style spirit house in Phrae, Thailand.


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