Experiencing animals in Asia can be one of the most interesting parts of your travels. The animals you will encounter while traveling in Asia are often exotic: certainly different from the animals found in most visitor’s home countries. From elephants to street dogs, you’re bound to have at least a couple interesting animal encounters and experiences as you travel through Asia (and a few animal tales to take home as souvenirs). After living in the region collectively for more than four decades, Scott and Trevor have had some fun, at times unnerving, and often unique animal experiences in Asia, which they share on this week’s episode of Talk Travel Asia podcast: Animal Tales: Experiencing Animals in Asia.

Travel in Asia podcast: Scott and a Bangkok pet pig
Big pig in Bangkok

Animal Tales Introduction:

In the introduction, Scott & Trevor discuss how this episode of Talk Travel Asia came about (an offshoot of ‘Episode 121: Monkey Tales) and then discuss their first ‘exotic’ animal experiences as visitors to Asia. Then, in no particular order they share some memorable Animal Tales from their many animal experiences living in Asia over twenty years each.

Travel in Asia podcast: Walking the goats
Goats need exercise too!

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Travel in Asia podcast: Animal Tales. Listen to Scott and Trevor's animal experiences in Asia - Jumping Cat Temple Inle Lake Myanmar
Jumping Cats! Inle Lake, Myanmar

Listen to Episode 124- Animal Tales: Experiencing Animals in Asia to hear Scott and Trevor tell the following stories:

  • The Jumping Cat Temple in Myanmar. 
  • Scott’s funny street dog stories from Thailand. 
  • Trevor’s experience dog sitting in Indonesia. 
  • The time Scott was whacked in the nuts by an elephant.
  • When Trevor got sneezed on by an elephant.
  • Elephant surfing? Trevor explains. 
  • Gibbons grabbing Scott’s friend hair.
  • A flying lemur pees on Trevor in Borneo.
  • Orangutans outside of Kuching, Malaysia
  • Getting paid to ride a water buffalo: twice!
  • Two stories about giant snakes on Koh Tao, Thailand.
  • A snake in the streets of Bangkok.
  • Why you should always check inside an Asian toilet before you sit down!
  • Sea snakes and sea cucumbers!
  • Leopard sharks off Phi Phi Island, Thailand!
  • Monitor lizards.
  • Spiders!
  • Baby chickens on a bus in Sumatra and pigs in a Chinese bedroom!
  • Drinking rice whiskey from a giant jar full of snake chunks.
  • The sacred duck story from Bali. 
  • And more!
Travel in Asia podcast: Buffaloes everywhere
Water buffalo outside Trevor’s bungalow on Koh Rong, Cambodia

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Travel in Asia podcast: Animal Tales. Listen to Scott and Trevor's animal experiences in Asia
Trevor and a friendly cow at an Angkor temple

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