Although we love to share travel tips and advice about travel around Asia with expert guests, there’s nothing like sharing travel stories. As Scott and Trevor have been living in Asia for 41 years, they’re well-worn, traveled, and traversed expats with quite a few travel tales. But despite spending so much of their lives in Asia, Trevor and Scott are still amazed by how often there’s something wild just around the corner on a weekly, if not sometimes daily basis. Life continues to amaze and these experiences make for good stories. In this episode of Talk Travel Asia Podcast, Scott and Trevor share some wild stories about life living and traveling Asia in the fourth part of our Tantalizing Travel Tales series. Get a comfy seat, pour yourself a drink, and get ready to be transported throughout Asia.

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Keeper of the Golden Monkey: Talk Travel Asia Episode 13: Tantalizing Travel Tales
Keeper of the Golden Monkey (From Travel Tales 1)

Travel Tales in Asia Introduction: 

Where has the time gone? How did they get to this age and number of years in Asia between the two of them?! Scott and Trevor share some of the early days of living in Asia and how they’ve changed over the years. 

Tantalizing Travel Tales 1, 2, and 3:

Episode 13: Tantalizing Travel Tales I recap:

Scott: Legend of the Gold Monkey: Nepal

Trevor: Never Take Your Eyes Off the Bag: Battambang, Cambodia

Scott: international Cyclo Races: Hue, Vietnam

Trevor: Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Perth, Australia

Scott: Quiet as a Mouse: Mae Sot, Thailand 

Trevor: A Fine Line Between Adventure and Stupidity: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

(Listen to Tantalizing Travel Tales I)

Tantalizing Travel Tales on Talk Travel Asia podcast
High and Dry on Ko Phra Thong from Tantalizing Travel Tales 3

Talk Travel Asia Episode 25: Tantalizing Travel Tales Part II recap:

Scott: Tuk tuk driving in Bangkok

Trevor: Breaking hitch-hiking rule #1 and at least a few others

Scott: Just in time inventory

Trevor: The mysterious missing bag

Scott: Mouse digging under the door 

Scott: 60 Second clock

(Listen to Tantalizing Travel Tales II)

Tuk Tuk in Thailand on Talk Travel Asia, tantalizing travel tales II
Tuk Tuk on the road that Scott drove (from Tantalizing Travel Tales 2)

Scott and Trevor’s Tantalizing Travel Tales III: Episode 40 recap

Scott Crap Going out and Coming In

Trevor: High and Dry on Golden Buddha Island

Scott: Mumbai Car Chase

Trevor: Which way do we go? 

(Listen to Tantalizing Travel Tales III)

102 things to review on Khao San Road. Just a few of the places Trevor visited while working out of various guesthouses for a week or so as an up-and-coming travel writer.

Listen to Talk Travel Asia: Tantalizing Travel Tales IV to hear the following travel stories: 

Scott: A dreadful bus ride. 

Trevor: Spontaneous side-trip to Sumatra. 

Scott: Staying with a Japanese family

Trevor: Why travel writers burn out rather than fade away.

Scott: Highland Farm Murders

Scott, Pharanee, and Erika at Highland Farm, Thailand

More about Scott & Trevor

Check out a Google Map of our Tantalizing Travel Tales


Tantalizing Travel Tales I

Tantalizing Travel Tales II

Tantalizing Travel Tales III

Highland Farm Murders

How Bangkok’s Khao San Road evolved from a rice market into the world’s most famous travel hub 

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