Food is essential to life but can also enhance it so much. Couple great food with a trip and you have a winning combination. While cooking shows, gourmet meals and celebrity chefs have become all the rage as of late, on this episode we’ll recall some of our absolute favorite meals throughout Asia, most of which are inexpensive, and we continue to dream about them to this day. If you’re not hungry now, you soon will be!

Talk Travel Asia - Ep.86 - Asias Best Meals8

Fantastic food at Sek Yuan, KL, Malaysia

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Scott & Trevor talk about how foods around Asia differ and then talk about some of the highlights and eating styles in different countries. Scott then discusses his list of favorite meals in Asia and Trevor riffs on his favorites based on Scott’s preferred meals and eateries, including:

  • Scott: Smoked Duck, Sek Yuen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Trevor: The Peking Duck restaurant he went with Scott McLeod for the East-West Center field trip to Beijing. He also thinks the Balinese makes amazing crispy duck.
  • Scott: Deviled Prawns, Gunes Cuisine, Mirissa, Sri Lanka
  • Trevor loves eating grilled river prawns in Thailand because of the spicy dipping sauce the Thais make. He also loves to eat bacon-wrapped shrimp in Vietnam.
  • Scott: Dal Bhat, Rajesh – Shivapuri Retreat, Budhanilkantha, Nepal
  • Trevor has nothing to add on this one.
  • Talk Travel Asia - Ep.86 - Asias Best Meals6

    Tandori at Pak Putra, Melaka, Malaysia

    Scott: Pakistani Curries & Nan, Pak Putra, Melacca, Malaysia

  • Trevor mentions the Nana neighborhood of Bangkok where you can get authentic food from Nepal, India, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, etc. etc.
  • Scott: Khmer BBQ, Sovanna, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Trevor agrees and will go eat here the following night.
  • Scott: Pho Bo, Phở Hòa Pasteur, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Trevor thinks he’s eaten there but has his own fave pho shop in Vietnam he hopes he can find on the map. He also loved a place that made steak and eggs on a hot skillet in Vietnam but has no idea where that was.
  • Scott: Dim Sum, Tim Ho Wan, Mongkok, Hong Kong
  • Not a dim sum expert, Trevor recently ate at Sam Doo in Phnom Penh, which Scott turned him on to. Good stuff.
  • Scott: Kuai Chap, Kuai Chap Uan Photchana, Bangkok
  • Trevor likes a place on Soi Convent in Bangkok where Scott and he used to eat Kuai Chap outside an Irish bar (which Scott informed his has recently closed). Awesome to eat Kuai Chap with a Guinness on the street.
  • Scott: Biryani, Nilar Biryani, Yangon, Myanmar
  • When Trevor was in Myanmar he remembered they always served 12 little dishes of various foods.
  • Scott: Fried mushrooms & Beef Gengalee, Salema, Doi Mae Salong, Thailand
  • Trevor agrees there are so many awesome places to eat all sorts of Thai food. Earlier he talked about Sukhothai noodles, which you can get a bowl of for 60 cents at the Sukhothai airport but which he now eats at the Emporium in Bankok.
  • Scott: Thai Food, Ka Moo Bang Rak, Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Scott: Ba Mee Moo Daeng, Nakhom Phathom, Chiang Rai
Talk Travel Asia - Ep.86 - Asias Best Meals11

Scott & Trevor working up a hunger, KL, Malaysia (we salute you!)

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