Episode 55: Vietnamese Cuisine with Bobby Chinn

On this episode of Talk Travel Asia podcast, Scott and Trevor talk with legendary chef Bobby Chinn about eating Vietnamese food, cooking Vietnamese food, and his experience on Top Chef Middle East. Have a listen and enjoy!

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Bobby Chinn talks about Top Chef Middle East on Talk Travel Asia Podcast

Bobby Chinn on Top Chef Middle East (Image courtesy of Bobby Chinn)

Introduction: Vietnamese food is one of the world’s great cuisines. As the country has opened to tourism over the last couple decades, more and more travelers have gotten the opportunity to try the real thing in-country. At the same time Vietnamese restaurants have opened all over the world with more and more people becoming fans of this fantastically diverse and tasty fare. Heavy in its use of fresh vegetables, Vietnamese food can also be a healthy choice. Today we’ll discuss Vietnamese cuisine, its place in the world and growing popularity with celebrity chef Bobby Chinn.

Trevor and Scott then talk about their experiences in Vietnam and enjoying Vietnamese cuisine. Scott talks about his first time trying Vietnamese food abroad vs. in-country, and Trevor explains what he loves about different types of Vietnamese food.  

Download and Listen to Episode 55 on SoundCloud or iTunes Now!

Chef Bobby Chinn on Talk Travel Asia Podcast: Vietnamese food with Bobby Chinn

Chef Bobby Chinn (Image courtesy of Bobby Chinn)

Today’s Guest: Bobby Chinn:  Our guest, Bobby Chinn, is one of the best-known chefs and ambassadors of Vietnamese cuisine on earth. He’s hosted television shows about Vietnamese food, Vietnamese cuisine, and travel to Vietnam, he rubs shoulders with celebrities, has cooked for world leaders, and has operated restaurants in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and London. He joins us via Skype from London.

Bobby Chinn then fields questions from Scott and Trevor about his background, Vietnamese food, and his current and upcoming projects. To hear Bobby’s answers to these and a number of interesting follow up questions, download and listen to Episode 55 on SoundCloud or iTunes Now!

  • You’re an interesting mix of Egyptian and Chinese, and grew up around the world – tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up in Vietnam?
  • When did you fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine?
  • What makes Vietnamese food so unique compared to other cuisines?
  • How has Vietnamese food changed in the years you’ve been working with it?
  • What’s the biggest misconception foreigners have about Vietnamese cuisine?
  • Why do you think Vietnamese food has caught on around the world over the last couple decades?
  • What’s next for Vietnamese food?
  • What are the introductory Vietnamese foods that travelers should start with?
  • When travelers are in Vietnam, what should they try that they might not know about?
  • Craft beer has a rich history in Vietnam and many small breweries have been opening in the last few years. Is there a connection between Vietnamese’s love for homemade beer and food?
  • Tell us about your experience on Top Chef Middle East and developing TV Shows in general.
  • Whats next for Bobby Chinn?

Download and Listen to Episode 55 on SoundCloud or iTunes Now!

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