When living or traveling in Asia, it seems that there is always something exotic or wild waiting right around the corner – and actually occurring on a weekly, if not daily basis. On Episode 13: Tantalizing Travel Tales, we shared the following tales of adventure from around the region:

  • Legend of the Gold Monkey: Nepal
  • Never Take Your Eyes Off the Bag: Battambang, Cambodia
  • International Cyclo Races: Hue, Vietnam
  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Perth, Australia
  • Quiet as a Mouse: Mae Sot, Thailand
  • A Fine Line Between Adventure and Stupidity: Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

We had so much fun sharing our travel tales (also, one of our most popular episodes) that we decided to give it another go. As with the show notes for the last travel tales episode, we don’t want to give away the punch lines to the following stories, so here are some simple synopses:

Tuk Tuk in Thailand on Talk Travel Asia, tantalizing travel tales II

Tuk Tuk on the road in Bangkok that Scott drove!

Tuk Tuk Driving in Bangkok: Trevor, Scott, and Scott’s wife Erika stumbled out of Amarosa bar after a bit of boozing and needed a ride to the Khao San Road area. They soon met a tuk tuk driver who was even more intoxicated then they were; so much so that he agreed to give Scott the keys!

Breaking Hitchhiking Rule #1 (and at least a few others): Following up on his tale of hitchhiking in Australia from Episode 13 (when he headed out into the desert alone with a guy who looked like the Unibomber – wait, maybe that should be rule #1), Trevor shares the story of a journey from Dunedin to Queenstown, New Zealand. Kiwi’s are some of the world’s friendliest people, but is it possible that sometimes things seem to good to be true?

Just in Time Inventory: Scott takes us back to the Tee Pee Bar, this time in sleepy Chiang Khong, where locals and travelers were sitting on the floor, talking, singing, and snacking on bamboo worms when, suddenly, the bar was out of Sang Som Thai rum! He then talks about the truly local, hippie method to keep the bar stocked!

Talk Travel Asia, Tantalizing Travel Tales: Thailand

Somewhere on this beach, Trevor’s bag hides…

The Mysterious Missing Bag: Oddly enough, another crazy bag story from Trevor: this one taking place on Mu Koh Similan National Park, off the coast of Phang Nga in Thailand. After his then girlfriend Nat secured their bag in a locker, the two explored the island’s isolated beach area only to discover later that the bag had disappeared! Although assured by the staff that there was no way anyone else had a key, the Phuket police were called and the island was placed on lockdown until the authorities arrived to search everyone’s tents and room. How did Trevor solve this mystery? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

The Rat that Wouldn’t Give Up: Scott tells another rodent in the bedroom tale, this time sharing the story of a rat, locked out of his room who was intent on getting inside!

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