Scott and Trevor discuss some experiences from their many years planning trips in and exploring Asia.  Scott prefers to have transport, accommodation, and a travel template plan dialed-in.  Trevor likes to research comprehensively but often prefers an unstructured approach upon arrival.  The two discuss both advantages and disadvantages to each strategy and why striking the right balance is key.

Classic Mistakes: Some of the planning mistakes Scott and Trevor identify include trying to see too much, not realizing how far apart things are, and booking too many things in advance, as it’s often difficult to predict how well things will meet your expectations prior to arrival.  They explain why its helpful to have a ‘must see’ short list, but allow yourself opportunities for discovery.

Chris Rowthorn, author of Lonely Planet KyotoThis Week’s Guest: Scott introduces Chris Rowthorn, longtime Lonely Planet author of Kyoto, where he has had a tour company for many years.  After Chris gives a quick background of his life in Asia, the work he’s done, and why he loves the region, he explains the biggest mistakes people make when planning a trip.

Scott, Chris, and Trevor then discuss how people should approach trip planning, what are some things that really should be planned ahead of time, the importance of being spontaneous on the road, and the challenges of traveling with a family.

Chris explains how, as both a tour organizer AND a guidebook writer, he gets frustrated by people saying “well Lonely Planet says…” and how different styles of planning are suitable for different types of traveler.

Closing: Scott and Trevor round-off the discussion by summarizing the main points, including being realistic about travel times, not trying to see too much, and deliberately leaving some time open for discovery.

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